We envision an ethical world of health and wellbeing.
A world in which we cultivate mindfulness to promote compassion, eradicate poverty and social injustices, and care for our environments and one another, to achieve the fullness of our potential.


Through mindfulness training we activate agency to reduce human suffering and social inequalities and to promote human dignity and human flourishing.

What we do

We train mindfulness teachers and teacher trainers. Our training is offered to trainers, therapists, coaches, mentors, consultants and facilitators across all sectors of society, public and private adapting and applying ancient teachings in the modern world. We are interested in bringing mindfulness to areas that might otherwise not have access to it.

How we do it

Our mindfulness training is tiered with a range of levels in keeping with the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations. It takes about 18 months to become a Mindfulness Teacher.

We employ trainers who practice and embody what they teach. We support flexible, independent, professional learning, utilizing a range of Information and Communication Technologies. We offer supported learning environments, allowing students to elect the degree of support they require. Students are enabled to advance their personal and professional development through practical, skills-based training, direct experience, and reflection.


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