Level 4: Training the Trainer

A year-long training in delivering CMI’s programmes

Level 4 is for those keen to teach CMI’s training programmes. Through this process the participant is immersed in the mindfulness pathway, now as a prospective trainer of CMI Mindfulness teachers. The TtT process reinforces deep understanding of the intentions and design of curriculum as well as the ingredients of the MBSR programme. The year-long TtT involves apprenticing at all of CMI’s Levels of delivery. Participants also undertake individual and group mentoring. A portfolio of teaching and learning is produced to demonstrate competency and heart.

Apprenticeship at each of CMI’s levels of training, accompanied by group and individual mentoring sessions, cultivates knowledge, skills, competence and cultivation of mindful compassion. Level 4 participants also undertake Supervision and Mentoring Training.

Level 1:
Foundations Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship + 8 interactive sessions

Level 1 Apprenticeship incorporates planning and course design for the delivery of Level 1. Design, content, teaching approaches, interview procedures and research review form part of this training.

Alongside the apprenticeship, TtT will span 8 interactive sessions, a combination of group and individual mentoring sessions.

The learning programme made up of a combination of pre-course reading, teaching, review and critical appraisal support the cultivation of the mindful teacher trainer capable of delivering a Level 1 training.

The teacher trainer explores a variety of teaching methods to introduce aspects of the Foundations taking account of group and individual learning, as well as effective feedback, assessment and evaluation methods.

Learning Outcomes

During the training, TtT participants will:

  • Convey through teaching, philosophical, pedagogical, theoretical and attitudinal underpinnings of the Level 1 Fundamentals
  • Communicate a grasp of the teaching components of the Level 1 training
  • Illustrate an understanding of adult-learning models and principles as they are employed in the MBSR setting
  • Identify choice points in the learning process that exemplify cultivation of mindfulness


The training supports TtT participants to:

  • Identify the primary elements of the Level 1 Fundamentals curriculum and expand on the pedagogy and methods
  • Acquire knowledge and skills necessary to deliver Level 1 Fundamentals
  • Find ways of encouraging mindful compassion among their learners to meet life and themselves with growing capacity of mind and heart
  • Listen for insights and employ skills through their delivery

Level 2:
Teacher Development Practicum Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship + 7 interactive sessions

Teacher trainees hone attitudes, knowledge and skills required to teach Level 2 competently. Again, planning and design for the delivery of Level 2 emphasises careful investigation of the ethics and principles of MBSR and of becoming an MBSR Teacher Trainer. TtT underscores the highly interactive, engaged and collaborative nature of Level 2 and the requirements of a dynamic, steady teacher trainer.

The 7 interactive sessions afford the teacher trainer the opportunity to develop and demonstrate knowledge and skill to deliver Level 2 through careful study of pre-course reading, the curriculum, pedagogical theory and practice, consideration and discussion of various approaches that endorse the undergirding of the MBSR curriculum, and group skills that enrich learning, feedback and assessment. Teacher trainees will consider appropriate approaches that enhance and deepen inquiry and investigation, convey the responsibilities of a mindfulness teacher, and encourage the fundamental cultivation of the teacher’s depth of understanding, expertise and flourishing through ongoing practice and engagement, formal and informal.

Learning Outcomes

During the training, TtT participants will:

  • Convey through teaching, philosophical, pedagogical, theoretical and attitudinal underpinnings of the Level 1 Fundamentals
  • Determine a variety of ways in which to impart and discuss ethics, how to manage the expectations of learners, how to convey course aims and desired outcomes
  • Discern primary Level 2 ethos, elements and methods
  • Consider aspects of adult and group learning including group formation and cohesion as well as challenges and how to meet these
  • Reflect on how to enhance group interaction to create a learning environment conducive to peer teaching and learning
  • Discuss the employment of and demonstrate the ability to employ teacher assessment strategies and tools to support the budding MBSR trainer
  • Develop and hone the cultivation of teacher and peer feedback principles and skills to enrich the learning experience for participants


The training supports TtT participants to:

  • Identify and clarify the purpose, principles, processes, design, delivery and ethical concerns pertaining to Level 2
  • Convey key MBSR and MBI teacher responsibilities to prospective teachers through fulfilling and explaining the Good Practice Guidelines effectively
  • Discern and convey essential features of a sustainable mindfulness training programme that takes account of teacher readiness, competency, proficiency and heart

Level 3:
Teacher Development Immersion Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship + 7 interactive sessions

Teacher trainees cultivate a deepened appreciation of the philosophical underpinnings that lead not only to enhanced resourcefulness in meeting all of life, but also to human flourishing. Level 3 immersion offers the teacher trainee insight into the interconnectedness of the entire curriculum, exposing the possibilities of participants waking up to the deeper teachings of the curriculum. The expanding heart can experience a greater sense of interconnectedness, less isolation, and a growing sense of service.

Learning Outcomes

During the training, TtT participants will:

  • Convey the core underpinnings in relation to philosophies and traditions that influence the approaches and teachings of mindfulness
  • Communicate the philosophical tenets in secularised ways that are inclusive to all who can benefit from mindfulness
  • Facilitate group learning that enriches and deepens the process for participants and reveals the rich tapestry of the curriculum
  • Employ assessment tools with sensitivity and flexibility so that the learner’s experience and benefit is centre-stage


The training supports TtT participants to:

  • Deepen the learner’s commitment to ethical considerations and high standards of delivery
  • Model the qualities and responsibilities of an MBSR teacher to learners, demonstrating skill of navigating through and interlinking different aspects of the programme
  • Flourish beyond the confines of named competencies of an MBSR teacher to display a caring and far-reaching heart

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