CMI Conversion Course:

BWY Mindfulness Module to Level 1

2 day in-person training

As a member of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations, CMI upholds standards set for training mindfulness teachers. The Training Pathway spans a minimum of 12-18 months to ensure cultivation of practice, understanding, embodiment and authenticity.

Every level of the mindfulness training pathway, like the BWY Mindfulness Module, is premised on the 8-week course, allowing for a deepening, enriched, embodied experience from which to teach mindfulness.

For those keen to pursue the Mindfulness Training Pathway, this bridging programme brings graduates of the Mindfulness Module up to the standard of Level 1. Through the Conversion course, participants are exposed to the culture and ethos of CMI including the Circle of Trust and the foundational ethics of do no harm, deep listening, respect, not taking that which is not offered, refraining from gossip and commitment to practice.

Level I Foundations is an opportunity for participants to enhance their own mindfulness practice, embed mindful compassion in everyday life and integrate it into professional life. It adds to the Modular experience by considering the formal practices more closely: the body scan, mindful movement, sitting and walking.

Course Content

  • Participants receive a study pack to complete before the weekend course
  • A version of the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta (from which the four foundations are derived) is provided as part of the pack
  • Further insight into the four formal practices with special attention to delivering these
  • A preliminary understanding of the Four Foundations and how these feature in the practices
  • Consideration of the types of mindfulness interventions, such as workshops and talks that could be offered, as well as integration into yoga teaching
  • Deepening understanding of inquiry
  • Further exploration of how to shift mindset to teaching mindfulness as opposed to teaching yoga, e.g. how to avoid the body scan as a relaxation
  • Considered ways forward, understanding mentoring and supervision, the UK Network, the mindfulness community and how to access activities
  • Consideration of Silent Retreats both with regard to venues and safeguards
  • The role of mentoring in mindfulness
  • Introduction to the MBI-TAC (Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Teaching Assessment Criteria) as the primary means of assessment
Delivery includes direct experiential learning, brief presentations and discussion, dyads, small groups, mini-teachings, feedback, Q&A.

Participants receive:

  • CMI’s Teacher Training Manual

  • Certificate of Level 1 Completion

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Read the Training Pathway for the bigger picture on becoming a Mindfulness Teacher, and find out about the training levels in detail.

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Level 2: Teacher Development Practicum
Level 3: Teacher Development Immersion

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