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Awakening the Compassionate Warrior:
transforming anger (and shame) into radical action

CMI is pleased to host Byron Lee in our Mindfulness and Social Justice Series for mindfulness practitioners and professionals.

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Mindfulness and compassion-based practices can help transform anger or resentment arising from experiences of, and observing the effects of, prejudice, discrimination, and oppression. Similarly, shame, a form of internalised anger and violence toward oneself, that can lead to psychological, emotional and physical self-harm, can be transformed though mindfulness and self-compassion.

This day is designed to offer a safe space to open our hearts and minds, and engage in a compassionate inquiry into anger and shame through our own intimate relationship with privilege and oppression: to learn how best to truly see suffering (intrapersonal, interpersonal, collective and systemic); to deepen our empathic understanding of that suffering; to strengthen our commitment to aligning our actions with our deepest held values; and to do whatever we can to alleviate our own and others’ suffering.

‘In my own personal journey transforming feelings of anger, resentment and shame, and allowing myself to intimately know these parts of my internal experience, and to truly see what lives in the minds and hearts of others, with kindness and acceptance, has been liberating. I cannot claim that this has always been easy and it is an ongoing process. However, from my experience and observations, I have realised that acting from a place of dignified presence, authentic resonance, and compassionate intent significantly increases the likelihood of acting with integrity and our voices being heard’.

Byron Lee

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