The Living Well Programme is designed for anyone with an interest in being well, healthy and whole.

This programme helps you apply Ayurveda in your own life. It also helps you help your family and your students if you are a body worker by offering simple guidelines which you have tried and tested. This programme is a foundation to further training in Ayurveda. Clear Mind Institute is currently developing an Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Dietary Therapist / Coach Certificate. This current Ayurveda Online programme is a pre-requisite to the Therapist training, which will involve contact and face-to-face hours.


  • Access to 7 online modules

  • Totalling 50 hours of narrated presentations

  • Plus 100 hours of videos and audio

  • Plus 100 documents and 10 quizzes

  • Access to the CMI online learning community


  • Become healthier

  • Reduce stress

  • Apply ancient principles smartly

  • Help others be healthier

  • Accept the Gift of Giving: let your fees support Chrysalis Academy provide intensive holistic training


MODULE 1: Provides a framework for easily understanding the philosophy and guiding principles behind Ayurveda. This module offers insight into Ayurveda as an approach to living well and in harmony with our communities, the cosmos and our very selves. It cultivates an appreciation of the philosophies and influences on Ayurveda, especially Mindfulness. It promotes an awareness of the living universe.

MODULE 2: Conveys an understanding of Ayurvedic principles and foundations and a familiarisation with concepts such as guna (qualities), doṣā, prakṛti (constitution) and whole being. You are guided as to how to apply the principles of Ayurveda more consciously in life and to read the living world through an Ayurvedic lens.

MODULE 3: Imparts knowledge and cultivates sufficient familiarity with the functions of the human body from an Ayurvedic perspective so that you apply this easily to their own lives. You cultivate self-understanding of your bodily constitution, your susceptibility to imbalance and the desire for restoring wellbeing.

MODULE 4: Conveys an in-depth appreciation of Ayurveda’s special approach to healing (as opposed to curing) showing the importance of mental and emotional training as well as the understanding of causality. You are sensitised to detect and correct patterns that generate or perpetuate ill-health, and are guided to cultivate a mindfulness practice to engender healing.

MODULE 5: Offers insight into the various regimens Ayurveda proposes to maintain healthy living with explanations of how we might adapt these to the modern world. You consider and adjust personal values and motivations for healthy living and employ breath and movement to improve health and wellbeing.

MODULE 6: Engenders an understanding of the process of disease formation and treatment from an Ayurvedic perspective, imparting appreciation of Ayurvedic Anatomy and Physiology. Ayurveda is sensitive to the ever-changing nature of the human form and so you’ll learn to restore balance to a dynamic, shifting body and mind. You will also identify emotional and mental patterns that create physical blockages working on this level to unblock the organism.

MODULE 7: Instils an appreciation of food as an expression of the living universe and source of prāna (life-force) that has properties to improve and promote wellbeing. You are guided to utilise foods purposefully and intelligently and to enjoy food as part of the living experience.

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“Changing the world moment by moment’ is indeed our experience of the Clear Mind Institute and its founder, Cathy-Mae. Once in a while, we have the good fortune to encounter institutions and individuals who embody so exquisitely the principles of Yoga and Mindfulness. Our association with the Institute is certainly contributing to the way in which we work with our students, their families and above all with ourselves. We wish the Institute well in their endeavours to help change the world we live.”

Lucille Meyer, Chief Executive of the Chrysalis Academy, Tokai, South Africa

“Clear Mind Institute’s Ayurveda Module has given me a deep and thorough grounding in the principles of Ayurveda and sets out very clearly how this ancient science is applicable and readily accessible in modern daily life. I feel I have gained a greater understanding of what throws me off balance, how to make suitable adjustments and how to live in the world with more compassion and sensitivity. The meditations helped me reflect on the teachings and I liked being able to take the course at my own pace. It has given me lots of practical tools to use with family and in my teaching “

Pip Bellis